How to Write an Analysis Essay

Writing an analytical essay on a story is your opportunity to think critically about what you have read and share your point of view. Rereading the material and organizing your thoughts can make even the most extensive and difficult document purposeful and complete. The essay theme may involve writing about the story of the main character’s development, main themes and plot development.


Read and mark your material. When you have decided on the theme of the essay, go back to the story to find the relevant material. If you focus on an important topic in history such as love or war, highlight or use sticky notes to mark key passages and specific phrases that you will develop in your writing. This will help you develop direction for your essay and, ultimately, a thesis.

Write your thesis. In writing AP (advanced class), a thesis is the anchor of your document and should be a strong and supported response for essay writing. All your analysis will depend on the support response to your thesis, which is traditionally the last sentence of the introductory paragraph of the essay. For example, if the essay question is, “How is Scarlett O’Hara an antihero?” Your thesis should clearly state the main reasons for how the story develops to your character. To an anti-heroine because their hardships and emotional development do not eclipse their selfish predisposition. ”

He outlines the writing from an introduction to a conclusion. The paragraphs of introduction and conclusion should be very similar in composition, with the latter expanding on what you indicated in the introduction and establishing how you have proven to be true. Declare your position at the beginning and then repeat at the end. The body of the essay is where you change your notes to strong examples to develop in your thesis. Your thesis is the main idea of the writing, and you must obtain statements of support of the material you have collected to demonstrate it. The strongest evidence of your thesis is extracted from your reading notes to structure the body of the writing.

Separate your paragraph bodies. Fragmentation is a methodology that consists of organizing your writing. It begins with a theme sentence that introduces the main idea. An example would be, “Scarlet O’Hara gets into the story as a spoiled southern lady.” Continue this sentence with a concrete detail. The specific details are quotes or a paraphrase of the material that illustrates what you mention in your sentence of the subject. Support the concrete detail with three comment phrases that reflect your ideas on the subject supporting your thesis. Repeat this formula for all paragraphs in that section, ending with a closing sentence.

Read aloud your essay. Listen to how the sounds of the finished project out loud will highlight flaws in analysis and flow. Pay close attention to whether you chose strong examples of reading material and also whether your comments explain your examples.

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